Solid Germany Porcelain Doll - 5"

by Jewel

Found this 'baby' doll at a yard sale.

Only identifying marks is that it printed "Made in Germany" on her back (the capital G seems to have a tail on the front of it). Solid porcelain.

Nothing moves on it but arms and bent-at-the-knees legs are connected to the torso by wires that stick out. Baby has a sleepy eye look that was painted on with black. May have had light brown painted on hair to match the eyebrows but faded.

I am not a doll collector but think I can detect that this came from a mold as there is slightly raised lines on the limbs. Another feature is that both ears seem to be squared off at the top back giving them a bit of a pixy look. No other painted color on the doll but the eyes, eyebrows and perhaps the hair. This doll has a hand sewn rust and creamed colored dress with a sash. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

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