by Linda Reichelt
(St. Helens, Oregon, USA)

We bought a 10 inch doll with SFBJ 236 Paris printed on the back of her head and the number 8 below that.

Her hair has been replaced, the skull cap has been filled with styro foam and the hair attached to that. Her arms & legs are jointed & her head swivels.

I know nothing about dolls, but she was really unusual so I took a chance.

My question is #1 does the 8 on the back of her head mean the head belongs to an 8" doll?

#2 does the hair repair job harm the value? How do I know the body belongs with the head? Does the jointed arms and legs sound right for this doll? Thanks!

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Apr 11, 2011
Doll a reproduction
by: djenkines

Hi, I am sorry to say your little doll is a reproduction, not antique. The value is negligble.

Mar 22, 2011
by: Diane

Page 162-163 Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls (black cover issued 2006).

Doll mold 236 was issued as a Baby (12-13 inches) and a Toddler (15-16 inches). This model was issued with composition bodies. A baby would have the curved legs of a baby while a Toddler would have straight legs. No, the number 8 is not her length.

It is harder to view pictures posted sideways.

Your doll would have a human hair or mohair wig in a shorter baby or toddler style. She should also be wearing original or very vintage clothing,
not modern material clothes.

Condition is so important so does the head have any cracks or repaired cracks? Has the doll been exposed to smoke as the composition body seems dark or stained or dirty?

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