Princess Diana Doll

by Tonya Wells
(Dayton, Ohio US)

I have a porcelain Princess Diana Doll that my aunt gave me back when I was a teenager.

It is a porcelain Princess Diana Doll from the J.MISA Collection and is # 1059 of 5,000. She is wearing a red silk gown with a red silk hand bag as well and a crown on her head. Only the head, arms and legs a porcelain, not the torso.

I cannot find this doll anywhere, and while I'm sure it has no real value, was still wondering if anyone could help me figure out if it IS worth anything before I get rid of it as I am not a doll collector.

I can be reached by e-mail at I would appreciate any information or a site I can actually find and go to for answers. Thank you for your time.

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