Please, I need to know what my doll is and what circa she came from! Thank you

by Jessica

I have a similar doll, but there is a great distinction! I had gotten this doll when my grandmother passed away, but my uncle got it for her, so I have no idea where she came from!

She has a voice box like yours, but there's also one on the lower back too! The voice boxes look as though they are made out of metal? She has a wooden/cardboard head because she's cracked quite badly on the right side of her head and I see wood with plaster covering it!

She's plastic on the outside of her head along with her arms and legs, hands and feet, but everything else is stuffing of an old brown color and the stuffing is at the neck, lower arms and lower legs. The voice boxes are underneath this material.

Her hair is painted on and it's cracking, but I can tell that it is brown hair. She has green eyes, though the right eye is a bit caked with something and her cheeks and knees are a pink rosy color. I don't see any markings on her at all and I've looked everywhere!

She has sleepy eyes when I tilt her and they even make a squeaking noise. She has 2 teeth and a felt tongue that I can see and her teeth move when you touch them, even though I don't try that anymore because she has become quite special to me! I even named her Caroline!

Even with all of her cracks, she is really something special to myself! I don't want to get rid of her as I have bought her new clothes. It's like my child. I know it sounds crazy, but I don't have any children and she is just like one to me!

She is what made me interested in other Vintage dolls as well.

If anyone could help me identify what kind of doll she is, I would truly appreciate that so much because as I stated earlier, she has become very special to me! Thank you so much for any information and I will try to post pictures as soon as possible! Thank you and warm regards, Jessica

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Feb 25, 2015
by: Jessica

Hello Ms. Merle. I was commenting on someone else's comment who had a similar doll, but not exactly as old and I didn't realize that would end up in my comment. I thought I deleted it, but I guess not. I am trying to learn how to comment on here and I'm not really sure if I'm commenting back to you right now or not. I really hope so or I'll have to try and delete it. I apologize for the confusion. I did try to upload pictures from my phone to my computer, but it said the file was too large and I was sent to a page to help make it smaller. I became confused because I'm not technically savvy by any means :( I didn't grow up with a computer and I don't really know how to transfer pictures from another device without doing it the "hard way." I know there is an easier way, but I haven't gotten around to doing it because I've been very busy for three months. I apologize for not getting back to you until now. I didn't even know my article had been accepted! I will try to make the pictures smaller. I just have to research it and really hope that it works this time! I'm going to need some help, but I will really try to get them up. I'm looking forward to it and Thank you so much for accepting it! I'm sorry about the confusion of my description while trying to comment to someone else. I'll see if I can change that? Thank you so much Ms. Merle!
Warm Regards, Jessica

Nov 23, 2014
You need pictures
by: Merle

Jessica, You have a great description, but you will need to add images, also, "who is this similar too"?

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