Please help ID me!

by Kerri
(Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA)

My husband and I found this little guy in our local Goodwill and, marked at $20, we just had to buy him. We stripped him down and he is completely unmarked... Accordingly, we are very curious as to where he came from.

He's a five piece doll: the torso and head are one piece; his arms and legs are jointed to the torso at the hips and shoulders with the old "rubber band joints" I've seen in dolls before.

His body is baby like in that he has a belly pudge. His head has the molded hair, but it is painted on, as are his eyes, eyebrows, mustache and lips.

His outfit reminds me of a matador and is made of felt. Since the very top of his head was left unpainted, I believe he once had a hat on. The 'shoes,' too, are just painted on.

He stands approximately 8" tall.
Any help or suggestions on where to learn more about him would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Feb 23, 2010
That's Him!!
by: Kerri

Diane, you're a doll (hehehe)! That IS him on eBay! This sweet little dude also has his clothes tacked on and we wondered if that was previous owner done or not. Guess not! And I will certainly be on the lookout for a sombrero! :)
Thank you SO much!

Feb 23, 2010
Mexican compo 8
by: Diane

Right now, 2/23/10, on eBay is auction 220547556504. The doll listed is just like yours only he still has his original hat. The seller has the price way too high as these were inexpensive dolls made in the 1940's as souvenior dolls. Many were made with their clothes stapled to their bodies (Ouch!).

He was often sold with a companion little Senorita companion doll in her colorful Mexican peasant costume.

Enjoy him and maybe find him a little sombrero.

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