Please Help. Dutch Male and Female Porcelain Dolls.

by Jen

Dutch Boy and Girl Porcelain Dolls

Dutch Boy and Girl Porcelain Dolls

Dutch Boy and Girl Porcelain Dolls
Dutch Porcelain Girl Doll

My father owned a thrift store of sorts and he would go to auctions, garage sales, estate sales and the like to fill his store.

He passed away a few years ago and since money is tight now, I'm trying to figure out what some of the stuff is worth and try to sell as many items I can before we sell the shop.

There is a shelf dedicated to porcelain dolls and most of which I looked on the back of the neck and couldn't find a makers name or anything but I did not check the entire body.

I have a picture of the 2 dutch dolls.I must admit I could have taken better picture but I didn't plan on posting this but since I could not find them on the internet I will try this.

I can give more information when I go back to the shop tomorrow and also take better pictures. I also have picture of another doll but I think I have to post it by itself and not with these, right?

If anyone could help me figure out the value and/or any other information on them I will be truly grateful. Thank you! =)

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