Old Shirley Temple 5" Japan SI087 bisque doll

by Huguette L. Pharand
(St-Anicet,Que. Canada)

My wife collects dolls-all kinds- she's got 117.

We bought an old jointed bisque doll in a Flea Market and could never identify it as we've never seen another like it!

It's marked on back Japan SI087,seems to be Shirley Temple doll,is 5 inches high and came on a little metal stand (original?). Inside each thigh,marked 1094.

It has all its original clothes (3 pieces),all fully decorated with lace. Dress is peach color with white underwear.I believe it's from the end of the 30's...

Can anybody help us to identify this rare beauty? Any help would be appreciated and the included photos are yours for displaying on any site if it could add knowledge to doll I.D. Thanks a lot for your attention. F.P.

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