Old dolls

by Anna fragetta
(New jersey)

Hi photo 1 -- I always thought that the doll on either end were 10 imch Revlon dolls and the middle ones were Vogue Ginnette and Ginny.

However after finally taking some time to check them out, there are no markings on these dolls. Except for a circled E on the neck of the doll on the left and a circled P on the doll far right.

Can I assume they are knock offs of the Ginny and Revlon dolls? They all have open and close eyes.

The two larger dolls are made of a hard rubber I guess with red lips and nails. Molded eyelashes and painted, moveable torso, arms and legs and rooted hair.

The baby doll has a hole in mouth and wets and is softer vinyl. The Ginny type doll is made of hard plastic and has braids which appear to be glued on with molded white shoes.

photo 2 -- I know the large doll, which is still in the box, says Blue Ribbon Doll. Novelty Doll iManufacturing Co. in brooklyn, NY.

I have searched the internet and could not find any information about this doll. She must be 18 inches tall. There is a big A on her lower back. and one foot is stamped VH-25-16. Have you ever seen or heard of this doll or company? Thank you so much.

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Aug 12, 2013
by: Anna

Thank you so much. Have never heard of Mary Lou. Will check it out.

Aug 12, 2013
Your "Ginny Look-Alike" is a Mary Lou Doll
by: Barbara Inman Beall

The Ginny-type doll looks like a Mary Lou doll made by Doll Bodies Inc. That doll had full painted white shoes on its feet. Mary Lou came out in 1955 and is 7 to 7 !/2 inches tall. They were unmarked, although some were marked "PTODUCT OF DOLL BODIES INC., New York City, NY." on the back. It appears on p. 65 of Carol Stover's "Dolls of the 40s and 50s. I just got one of these dolls for my collection.

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