Need help. I dont even knkw if its an antique but she's beautiful and winds and plays music

by Dianna Dawson
(Eldon MO 65026)

We recently bought a house that has been foreclosed on and the people that live there had died and had no family and while we were cleaning it out I came across four dolls.

I know nothing about them but they look pretty cool and they look like they could be kind of old. They're all on stands. I will send pictures one at a time with that info I found on them. The first one looks oriental with a red outfit and winds up and plays music and dances. Excellent condition just dusty. A tag on the clothes says GREEN GABLES CREATION CO.REG. NO.PA-4835 (TW), ME 3597 (TW) OHIO 96349(TW). MA-1227 (TW) very tall guessing about 16 inches

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