Mystery 24 inch dill

by Karen Davey

I was given her by an old lady I have contact with.

She has a wig that feels very soft a flower post on the right side of her hair ( as you look at her) open close blue eyes.

Her body and head feel as look painted but her legs are just normal hard plastic , she had a hole through her tummy once, something missing.

Any info would be fab

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Dec 11, 2016

by: Merle

Thank You for your contribution!

Dec 06, 2016
50s/60s Italian Doll
by: Anonymous

This is a hard plastic Mama doll from Italy, various makers, possibly Migliorati. (small rat, I think, translated). I have two big ones; one was my Godmother's in the 50s; she gave it to me in 1969. It has an organdy gown that used to have Italian lights on it it. My folks took off the lights and my mom sewed in flowers instead. The other we bought in Rome at the Airport, and she is blonde, new in 1969, with a blonde, mohair beehive, do. I think they are worth up to $200 restored, but not many appreciate these dolls today, and I've bought other versions of them, some smaller, for $5 to $45. A friend actually gave me one. Ellen from Dr. E's Doll Museum, Antique Doll Collector Magazine, Doll Collecting, and R. John Wright and Ruby Lane guest blogger.

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