My Toni : marking error - help

by Vanessa R
(Menlo Park, CA)

Sorry for the very strange title! :)I have a Toni here that I would love any information/feedback on:

First off, she has the long curly platinum hair and green sleep eyes. Her hair is not in the greatest shape but I can work on that. She is a 16 inch (16 1/2"?) Toni Walker.
Her markings:

On her back: Ideal Doll 16
On her neck, P-91 Ideal Doll
(Not P-91W, but I read* that some walkers didn't have the W...)

What's the odd thing I'd love to get any info on? On her neck markings, the D in Doll is stamped backwards!

Is this factory error something anyone else has seen? I collect Ideal dolls - though my collection is mainly (90%) Tuesday & Tiffany Taylor. I have a few others including 3 Shirley Temples, Miss Revlon & Little Miss Revlon, a Saucy Walker, Glamour Misty, & my favorite doll - Samantha from Bewitched:)

I adore Ideal and Judith It Zens guide is my go to! This is the first time Ive seen an error on a stamp/mark. Anyone else??
Thank you!

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