My mother's childhood.

by Cassie Biery
(Hutchinson, Kansas)

Since I was a little girl, my mother has told me stories of the best Christmas she has ever had.

This particular Christmas, her and her sisters all got dolls, she loved hers dearly, it was her best friend. They moved frequently when she was a child, and it was lost in one of the moves, she is still, forty years later, devastated about the loss of her doll.

I do not have any pictures, but her description is very vivid. Let me say that we do know it is not Little Miss No Name, or Pitiful Pearl. This doll came from the store in a wooden crate (very early 60's) she was a vinyl doll with a very sad face with a tear painted (not raised) under one of her eyes.

My mother said she came dressed in a very ragged polka dot dress with little patches on it. She was very similar to Little Miss No Name, I know because I sent her pictures of LMNN and my mother said it was pretty close, but not quite.

I really want to reunite my Mother with her childhood friend, if anyone knows what this doll could be, please let me know at

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