My Childhood Arranbee Bride

by Marilyn

This doll was given to me by my aunt and uncle for my 9th birthday, over 50 years ago. My cousin was given the same doll, only with darker hair, since she was a brunette, and I was a blond.

I wasn't allowed to play with her, since she was so special, which is why she is in this wonderful condition to this day.

Her dress is flocked nylon, and has a slight train.
Everything on her is original, down to her socks and white snap shoes. Her veil has a few tiny holes, but that is to be expected after all this time.

There is a full taffeta slip under the dress, with matching panties.

My cousin still has her doll, and she has the original box and hang tag, which says Nancy Lee. My box fell apart many years ago, and my Mom threw it away. I was still a young child at the time, and never realized it would have value someday.

I keep my bride in a box, with archival tissue, and check her at least once a year. She hasn't changed at all, so I'm going to keep her in the box. It seems to be the right environment for her. I only have one picture and it's on photobucket.

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