My Bonnie Braids

by Jamie

My great aunt Bee had this doll in the middle of her bed. When I would come to visit her I would go straight for Bonnie Braids. I would play with her the whole time I was there.

Aunt Bee couldn't have children of her own, but she would play with me and we loved to play with dolls.

One Christmas my mom even got her a Barbie doll! Aunt Bee passed away in 1988 and to my surprise she left her to me. I kept her packed away until I got a curio cabinet and now she sits there with my other dolls.

I didn't realize that Bonnie Braids was from Dick Tracy. I thought that was what my Aunt Bee decided to name her. I am so glad to know the background of her now. I took some pictures of her to share.

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