Mr. Know-It-All

by Vardy
(Seguin, TX, USA)

I have had an eBay store (Vardy-Has-It-Now) for about five months. My wife noticed that I was doing pretty well with rare items(stuff & junk)contributed by our son & daughter. Yesterday she handed me her very last doll, which she appropriately called "Ugly Baby." She said it was given to her by her grandfather.

Being a good eBayer the first thing I do is research, who, what, when, where & most important price range. Now for the Story. My wife is "about" 68 years of age.

Her mother believes her father purchased the doll about 1949. It is the 19" LASTIC PLASTIC SQUALLING BABY doll, or so that is what it appears to be. I guess you could say it sucks it's thumb.

The squal device is there, but it no longer produces a sound. The hair color is no long there. It no longer has clothes to wear. The skin has never been cared for, nor has it been abused. It is not soft, neither is it hard. The eyes & mouth are still colorful.

Since I don't Blog, Twit, etc., I couldn't resist sharing this info here.

I am still doing my research, but I feel I will have it listed on eBay today or tomorrow in my store or by the title Squalling Baby Doll - Lastic Plastic 19" ca 1948.

I am in the process of going from desktop to laptop. My pictures are on the laptop. I am doing this on the desktop. To see them you will have to go to eBay. Is this some sort of sneaky trick or what?

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