Mothers Doll

by Beth

I have a doll given to me by my mother, the doll is 14" tall she has a star on the back of her neck with a PB in the middle of it and an S on one side of the star and H on the other.

She also has 1909 and Germany on it, blue moving eyes open mouth smile with teeth. Original dress pink with what seems to be glued on flowers on bottom, pink hat with basket weave on edge of hat.

Cloth body and bisque face, hands, legs and shoes seem to be made of some kind of hard paper.

Sorry I do not have a camera to send a picture at this time.

She also has a paper stamp under her dress and has the #613 on it but this may have been placed on her by the store that sold her.

She hung on my moms mirror for years in a plastic bag while I was a child growing up, just before she passed away she gave it to me.

I am interested in finding out where she came from and if she has any value .(not interested in selling at this time )

Can someone come close to the identity of this doll Thanks.

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