by sarah wilkins

My Nana past away 9 years ago and I was given her porcelain dolls.

I have 4 Leonardo dolls which where easy to tell what they are. I also have another one which doesn't have a name just a number engraved in the back of the neck,the number is 9348. It also has a rattling sound in its right leg don't no if that's a fault or not.

It also has white porcelain legs whereas its arms and every where else is skin color. The clothes,socks and shoes are of old designs.

Would just like to know the name and history. I know it must be old because I've had it for 9 years and I can remember my Nana having it since I was little.

I can't upload pictures but if you have an email address I can send you them. Its 16cm long. I don't know if its clothes are original but it has socks, white shoes, them baggy pants old people used to wear, under skirt and a green winter dress with white wool around the bottom and sleeves.

Thank You.

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