Military (all cloth) doll

by Donna

Approximately 20 years ago, I went to an estate sale & purchased a barrel with approximately 3 bedspreads in it. (I was interested in one special bedspread) I bought the barrel for $6.00.

When I got the barrel home and removed the bedspreads, at the bottom lay a cloth "military" doll, in the most perfect condition. I guess he is a "Private", according to the long pointed hat. His face and ears are hand-painted,(2 dimensional) and his "saluting" right arm is sewn on backwards.

Actually, the hands look more like claws or as if they have mittens on; no definition in the fingers, except for a thumb on each hand.

The uniform accessories include only a felt gold buckle, perfect tie and felt lapel and shoulder buttons. I see no identifying marks and have always assumed the "Private" was hand-made around the WW2 era. I don't think he is worth much on the market, but I have always displayed him proudly in my home and have grown quite fond of the little guy.

I can never find an exact duplicate on the internet and so I give up trying for a while. Maybe your site can help me this time. Maybe I can get my son to take a picture and I will try to down-load it in a week or so. Sorry it is not available at this time.

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