by Melia

Recently bought a doll head (and a few limbs) from an antique shop. She has no manufacture markings on any limbs, and the ones on the back of her head have been scratched or sanded off.

She appears to be made of some kind of soft plastic and has a huge injection molding circle with lots of loose plastic which makes me think it may have been mass-produced or not quality checked well.

The limbs also have this loose plastic. Also, the material doesn't smell like vynal. I thought this might be because she needs cleaning but I don't want to wash her without knowing how not to damage her.

Her face paint's also wonky which probably points more fingers at her being a mass-produced doll from, at the earliest, 1959. Not exactly antique but I'm hoping you guys might be table help or point me in the direction of other resources.

Thank you for your time.
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Jul 27, 2020

by: Merle

Hi Melia, thank you for the submission

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