Lee Radford

by Lee Radford
(South Africa)

wax doll

wax doll


I have acquired what was sold as a vintage poured wax doll. She is very pretty and I am curious to try and identify her or her era.

There are no manufacturers marks, but I can tell you the following:

She has real hair that seems to be molded into the wax - although at her crown there is a hole which seems original? ( not hole-damaged)

Her body is a strong calico/cloth stuffed with cotton & bandage type material. Lower arms and lower legs solid wax.

Blue set glass eyes and facial paint on delicate features faint. Eyebrows and lashes may have been painted on.

I will include the only picture I have, but will try to include more should someone be able to help me identify her in some way.

Many thanks in advance.

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