Found a doll in my mom's spare room: It's probably a 1950-60 vintage. The only mark on the back of the neck is a P (no circle around it).

The doll is about 15" long, and is a drink and wet. Very nice plastic body, with a little give to the plastic (not hard). Her eyes open and close. She is in very bad shape - hair cut off and gouges out of her nose and a few scratches on her cheek and she is very very dirty.

I am going to attempt repair, but if anyone has any information on the maker I would appreciate it.

She was probably purchased in Eastern Oregon.
Since she is so far gone I didn't think it would hurt to take her head off, to get a start on rehairing her, and discovered she is not drink and wet, even though she has an open mouth. There is no tube from her mouth to diaper region.

But I did discover that her hair was sort of woven in her head - it's a shame my little brother cut her hair off.
Each "strand" of hair curves around the one next to it. I certainly don't know how that was done!

Thanks for any help you may give.

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