Invention of the Dydee doll

by Suzanne Stone
(Red Hook, NY, USA)

My father, who was an inventor, invented the mechanism that enabled the doll to drink and wet.

He had been approached by a German woman who wanted to have a doll that drank but did not know what to do with the liquid. when he put together the mechanism ( made from a rubber eraser and a piece of hose) he told her that the only solution was that the doll had to wet as well.

The woman said that she was shocked, but ran right back to Germany and started to mass produce the doll.

A while later a lawyer said that my father could sue the woman. This was during the depression so he did. In exchange for not associating his name to the doll she gave him $1,000.00.

She sent us the first doll off the assembly line, but as you know, it had a rubber body.

Even though I was not allowed to play with it, the body kept decomposing and my father covered it with tire patches. We never had any clothes for it.

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