I'm Ronnie, I found an old baby doll

by Ronnie Adams
(Bastrop, Texas)

baby doll head close up

baby doll head close up

Hi, I found an old(at least it appears to be old) baby doll at a yard sale, and it is just so fascinating.

It looks very realistic, its pretty much life sized, about 22 inches long, has a cloth stuffed body, and VERY Lifelike Head, arms and legs.

It is not plastic, it appears to be a breakable material, the hair has been painted on as well as the eyebrows,and it is rather dirty and the hair's paint has been rubbed off on the back of the head.

It is just so lifelike which is why I was drawn to it.

I wonder if anyone can help me determine when or where, or anything about this sweet little find.

There is a cursive J on the back of the neck with the number 83 following the J, the J is again, cursive, and where the aj ends, it loops to the left and forms a circle around the J, then hand written is the 83.

I am attaching photos, and I sure do thank you all for any help with this.

Id like to clean it up but am afraid it might not be a good idea
thanks so very much.
miss Ronnie

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