Ideal doll ID

by Joann
(Morganton NC USA)

I got this doll when I was young. I wanted a Miss Revlon doll and my mom ordered her from Sears.

She looks like the Miss Revlon doll but her head turns, her arms and legs bend and her feet move at the ankle. Her wrist moves and her waist turns.

On her neck behind her hair she has Ideal doll vt 10 1/2, she has sleepy eyes and I love her

I am trying to find shoes to replace hers as now I only have one, I ordered her some off e-bay but they were way to big they were adv. as shoes for 10 1/2 Miss Revlon.

This sent me on a run to see what kind she needed. then I found every doll like her, even the same face does not bend at the arms, legs etc.

I am totally stumped !! who is she ????? THANKS FOR your help

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