how to identify

by mary mower
(mills river, nc)

I have a doll I got from my grandmother in 1962...I don't know if it came from Germany or she bought it in the US when she visited for her one and only time in 1962.

The markings on the doll are like a stacked M with numbers and the number 52 on arm joints. I am enclosing photos to see if it can be identified.

I am thinking this might be a Mattel product. The doll was very "traumatized" when I gave this once beautiful doll to my grandmother because she loved it so and when she died I found it lying on the back shelf of a closet in horrible shape.

Turns out the younger cousins at the time, she allowed them to play with the doll (well, play is the wrong word) but as boys will do she went through the mill.

I would love to have her restored. But if anyone can identify the mark I would appreciate it. I've searched the net and nothing comes up.

there should be 4 photos attached...two of the front view of doll and one of neck and back markings.

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Jul 07, 2019
Crimson collection porcelain doll
by: Anonymous

I'm trying to look up a friend's porcelain doll to see what it's valued at. I'm habing no luck find a picture of it on the Crimson Collection Web site. The number on the back of her neck is 80197. She's a victorian doll, dark curly hair, dark skin and brown eyes.

Jun 07, 2015
Pictures and description
by: Merle

Thank you for your comments and pictures, you should not have any problem finding out more about this doll.


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