hoping for a kestner 'dolly'

by j truitt
(krugerville, tx)

Recently, I purchased a dolly from a lady on eBay who thought she might be a Kestner.

I am unable to download photos, so, here goes.

She is around 14 inches tall with an 'adult', gusseted kid body, half arms, that is half kid/half bisque.

Hands have curled fingers, and they are small in comparison to the rest of the body.

Her lower legs and feet are cloth. She has an open pate head with dark brown 'sleep' eyes...don't know if she ever had eyelashes. Heavy eyebrows, open-mouth with teeth and felt tongue.

Her head is kind of 'quarter' turned on her shoulder plate.

The best I can make out are the numbers 165? and 198? in German script on the back of her head.

Have not looked on the shoulder plate as it is covered with kid..most of her neck and shoulders are showing...some kind of 'fashion' doll?

She has two holes in the back of her neck.

All I know is she has an absolutely gorgeous presence and would love to know her 'dolly genealogy'.

thanx for any help...Janice truitt/ddredjwt@hotmail.com

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