Hold On there Little Cowboy

by McSwain Estate Toys & More
(Northern New Jersey)

Antique Compo/Cloth-Mitten Hand Cowboy

Antique Compo/Cloth-Mitten Hand Cowboy

Doll Collecting has been in the family for four generations now, and we are very good at it, especially with researching and finding info on vintage dolls, but Last week....

Wow didn't that change. As the eBay market continued to crumble with prices falling to dirt cheap range on seller's beloved items from their childhood, I set out early (3:45am) for an hour and a half drive down the Parkway to the Turnpike to the end, hoping to find something rare!

Still dark when I got out an walked up the long driveway to the home having an Estate Sale at 10am.

I looked around for a list to sign or a stack of numbers but neither was present, so I reclined my car seats and relaxed.

Hours go by while I enjoy a sandwich and two movies on my DVD player, when a car pulls up behind me. I get out and greet the gentleman who was a regular at sales in the area. We talk back and forth for a few minutes before a woman arrives and shortly after the company running the sale arrives. We all enjoy each others company as many more buyers begin to arrive.

10am on the dot the front door opens and we are allowed in by order of arrival. In the first room there is a beautiful Armond Marseille 36" doll Mold #390, next to a Madame Alexander unmarked Mcguffy Anna 20" tall in original outfit.

Decision time.....Who do I buy???? after careful consideration of the ridiculous prices on eBay and the condition of these gorgeous dolls.... I decide to leave both and keep searching.

From basement to bedrooms.....trains-cars-planes and a few vintage toys through out the house were interesting but Hold On there Little Cowboy....!

In far toy room with antique led soldiers and an Original Buzz Barton BB Gun was the Super hard to find Compo head cloth body, mitten hand cowboy doll all original. I grabbed him before three other people who were so sad as I carried him to the cashier.

The doll is in very good condition for his age... Yep, he still can stand freely. His little cowboy outfit with the red bandana and chaps has survived more years than me and he only had one scratch on him and his pants split where he got too fat over the years....(can't even count how many times that has happened to me....)

Other than the little age dots on the cloth body where the rivets from his outfit made contact, he is in better condition than me I laughed as I searched him all over for any marking to identify the company who made this wonderful find.

A few answers from around the country are suggesting he is an early Madame Hendren because of his cloth mitten hands and pinking of his outfit which was done by the Hendren company on their doll clothes in the 40's.

Another answer was he is a Buddy Lee Doll, we were still researching him when we came across this website, and know he is a great addition to the cloth doll section here. We have four people researching him, but who knows... maybe one of you fine readers remembers this guy from your childhood. God bless you and keep coming back to antiquedoll-collectors!

He can be seen in the full photo spread posted on our domain
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