Help Please !!!

by Nigel Greenway
(Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK)


While helping my mum & dad to clear their loft out, we came across two rather large dolls. according to my mum, one was hers & one was her mothers (my grandmother).

My mums doll is about 23" tall, fully clothed with the markings SPBH, 1923, 4½, Germany on the back of her neck,(the letters PB are inside a star)& the letters SH are either side of the star.

My grandmothers doll (which we assume is the older of the two, as she was born in 1906), is 26" tall, fully clothed with the markings S F B J, Paris, 11. This doll has lovely dark fixed eyes, with an open mouth & about 4 teeth showing. She also has pierced ears.

Both dolls also have their hair/wigs on !!

We would dearly love to know more about the dolls & would truly appreciate any help you could offer please.

Kind regards

Nigel Greenway

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