help needed with info on a doll

by Kristine
(Auckland, New zealand)

full body view

full body view

I have been given a doll, I have no idea on dolls, well older dolls anyway.

I haven't a clue what she is made of, but looking inside though the joints looks like she is connected with wire.

She has what seems to be a voice box under her knickers. She has open and shut eyes and other features of her face seem to be hand painted.

She has glues on hair, her socks and shoes are real but they seem to be glues onto her feet.

I cannot find no markings on the doll herself, the only thing that has anything on it are the shoes which say 65/70 made in Italy.

She does have a few cracks along where she joins. I'm guessing her knickers are original as they are stapled or pined.

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Aug 29, 2013
Italian doll
by: Dr. E's Doll Museum

This is a hard plastic Italian doll, 1950s to about 1969.

When I was in Europe with my parents, my dad carried two of these home for me, wrapped like mummies! My godmother gave me one, and it had lights all over its dress that you could light up. The second doll we bought at the airport in Rome on the way home.

They are made in different sizes, and one I have is black. They are often mistaken for metal. Sometimes, their eyes "flirt" or move from side to side. Usually, they wear dresses of net and organdy.

I saw entire shops for dolls, many like this, near the Fontana de Trevi [Think the movie Three Coins in the Fountain]. I like them very much, as far as value, I've bought them from $2.00 to $45.00 for the 18 in. black doll I mentioned. Book value has been between $75.00-100.00. Their crier cries "Mamma" and usually does not work after a while.

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