help identify doll made in germany

by mcconnell
(tuscarawas co. ohio)

I have a doll that my grandmother was given when she was a child in the 1920's by her teacher.

My grandmother told me that it was a German Bisque head, she went on to tell me that when she was a teenage the daughter of the then passed away teacher, located my great grandmother in attempts to repossess to doll. However my great grandmother would no give it back.

My grandmother in the 1960's located a doll collector that wanted to see the doll my grandmother agreed and after inspecting the doll the collector offered my grandmother 500.00.

My grandmother turned down the money as it was the only doll she ever owned and was the reason it was given to her as a child.

I have searched off on on for a while never finding the marks on the back of the neck anywhere.

The doll is an infant baby boy showing two teeth and is wearing a long best described night gown. I'm not sure who exactly will read this but if you could help i can email pictures my email is

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