Help I am a new collector

by Cathy




I got these dolls from my great aunt when I was a kid and just put them away in a box. Now, 30 years later as I was cleaning out my old room at my parents to get their home ready to sell, I found them.

These 2 are what my aunt called Sambo dolls. They were hers, she was about 80 in the early 70s so they must be pretty old.

The heads and arms are made of what looks like clay composite painted. The clothing is soft sack cloth I think or cotton as is their soft bodies.

Are they worth something? If so how do I find out how much?

Unfortunately a mouse had some dinner on one hand and one head is cracked. The clothes are worn and faded.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Jun 13, 2010
Black Dolls
by: Anonymous


Here are a couple comments for you. These look like painted papier mache, or stone bisque. They may have been made before World War I through the 1930s.

I don't think they had a name. Go to, The Library of Congress, and look up books on Black Dolls and Black Memorabilia. There is an author named Patiki Gibbs who does great encyclopedias on Black Dolls.

Also, I believe there is another author named Perkins. There are also other great Black Memorabilia information goodies.

There are general books like the Coleman's Encyclopedias of Doll Collecting, volumes I and II with good sections on black dolls that may help you.

Finally, there is a museum in Philadelphia devoted to Black Dolls that could perhaps help you with pictures. I have a similar doll dressed as a nun that was distributed by Kimport Doll in the 40s. Their magazine Doll Talk is available on eBay. Good Luck!

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