Francois Gaultier/ leopold lambert

by Shawn

Vintage Box with a doll on top

Vintage Box with a doll on top

I have found a doll mounted to a music box with the initials LB on the music box height is about 16 inches.

The doll is holding a bird cage that when the music box is cranked it plays music and the dolls head moves with the arms and the bird chirps and moves also.

The bottom of the box has a label signed (not sure of the name) on the dolls neck is the letters F7G also has a tag for a award from 1974 3rd place Miami Beach Florida doll show Assoc. of some kind.

It appears that the legs and body are constructed of wood.

She is fully dressed with under garments, hat, hair, shoes and seems to be in perfect condition.

There are no flaws or cracks..her shirt or whatever you call it (I am a guy) has a small rip in it.

How do I find out what this is and who might I contact to determine a possible value?

I am trying to load my Picasa album with pictures..Please view them if you can e-mail is

picture link is

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May 02, 2010
Francois Gaultier automaton doll
by: Diane

F.G. Bebe, "Block Letter" Mark
Ca, 1879-1887. Perfect bisque swivel head, large bulgy paperweight eyes, closed mouth, pierced ears. [Mark F.7.G.] on composition body.

Doll 10 inch? Or 13-15 inch? You didn't state the height of the doll.

The doll in great condition, incvluding original clothes, lists in the thousands. To receive an accurate value, a licensed appraiser in your state should be sought out so you can properly insure your lovely find.

Perhaps you have a well known, and trusted, auction house in your area. They have in house appraisers.

Time for you to do some searching on your computer for appraisers near you.

Good luck!

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