dolls with no markings

by ondrasa

I was given 4 dolls about 40 years ago. A friend of my parents was moving away and I only remember that she said she had them for "many years".

Therefore, I don't know when they were made but I would like to.

One doll looks Scottish (Irish)(red hair), one looks Swedish (white hair), one looks Argentine (black hair) and the last looks German(dark blonde).

The bodies are made of hard plastic. Two of them have eyes that open and close, the other two are set.

Their clothes are stapled and glued to them so I am unable to remove to look for further markings.

Their shoes are painted (white) on each one of them. Their arms and heads are connected to the body by rubber bands. Their feet are flat, no arches.

They are about 4"-5" in height. I am only guessing on the countries from the looks of their dresses. They aren't in the best shape. Rubber bands have broke, hair is a mess and there are some discoloration on some of the dresses.

Since I don't know what they are I'm not sure if it would be worth taking them to a doll doctor.

Any information you can provide would be very helpful.
Thank you,

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