Doll Dr. Jan of My Gramma's Doll Trunk

by Doll Doctor Jan of My Gramma's Doll Trunk
(Riverside, CA USA)


32" Antique Tete Jumeau 14 refurbished by Dr. Jan of My Gramma's Doll Trunk

I found 32" Tete Jumeau 14 on eBay in December that was needing TLC. She was being sold from Uruguay, South America. She had a hairline on her forehead, no eyes, remnants of a black filthy wig, lips and fingernails painted with red fingernail polish and brown over paint on her original body and no pate.

Yet Dr. Jan saw potential in her because of her wonderful painting of her face. A few months later, after applying her 30 years of experience, a reformation had taken place and she was ready to go to her new home.

Listed first at a fixed price of about half of her Blue Book value and disclosing her full story of replacements and hairline, there was no sale.

The next listing, she was listed with no reserve at just 99 cents and a featured first position. This ended up in a bidding war between two international bidders and she sold for $5600.00.
She is the most beautiful Jumeau I have ever seen, and deserved to be so appreciated.

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