Deb B. Doll #1

I have several dolls that I have inherited that were my great grandmothers' ....I will try to describe .

1.Approx 20", porcelain head and chest plate, with large hole where hair is,6 tiny teeth, glass eyes that have cement plastered them in, pierced ears.

Cloth stuffed torso with white leather upper arms that attach to porcelain forearms, leather "caps" that attach cloth body, to cloth lower legs, foot is just pointed cloth stump but is tiny stitched onto lower cloth leg.

The porcelain is dirty but cloth body and legs are in good condition , leather on arms have small holes.

Clothing is bad and rotted.....Muslin Bloomers are stitched onto cloth body and pin tucked pleated underskirt is pinned onto body...a straight bodied Muslin dress with cotton lace at neck is pinned at the back.

This doll reminds me of one I saw on Little house on the prairie tv series.

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Dec 06, 2009
Deb B.Doll #1
by: elizabethkiwi

There should be some numbers/letters on the back of dollys head/neck/shoulder plate. If you could let us know what they are and post a picture, that would be good.....

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