by Chris
(Branson, mo)

237 1984

237 1984

Got some dolls from my mom,

Blue eyes Painted eye lashes Open mouth I believe its bisque.
This Is An 18" Kamer & reinhardt girl 1984 Mold #237 Marked and signed on neck.
Nell Kinney.

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May 21, 2020
Nell Kinney was my Aunt
by: b the baker

I have about 9-10 of Nell Kinney's gorgeous dolls. She was my Aunt and made them for my mom and daughter.They are in mint condition since they were stored in glass cases or plastic storage crates. I wish to sell them, any idea of where or the price I should ask for them?

Jun 29, 2010
The World of Doll Collecting
by: Ashton

It's great to see dolls passed down from generation to generation.....

Dolls have been loved by many for years. There isn?t a girl who didn?t grow up with one or two special dolls in her room. Dolls have been around for centuries.

In the early days of mankind, dolls were made from primitive materials such as clay and wood. In the early Roman and Greek days, dolls were dedicated to the God?s and buried with girls when they passed on.

As time passed, dolls began to become movable with arms and legs that moved. Europe was one of the first major development areas for dolls. While dolls were mainly made of wood, during the 17th and 18th centuries, wax dolls began to be developed.

While wax dolls were created in mass in Munich, England was one of the most popular places for purchasing this type of doll.

During the 19th century, porcelain dolls were developed by firing several types of clay in a kiln. There are mainly two types of dolls associated with porcelain. They are china and bisque dolls. The difference is that china dolls are glazed and bisque dolls are not. Bisque dolls were fired twice with a little color added to them. Bisque dolls were preferred over china dolls as their skin looked more lifelike.

For those who couldn?t afford the expensive porcelain and wooden dolls, rag dolls were a popular choice. Rag dolls were made of just about any fabric that could be found.

The mothers of poor, rural children would make these homemade dolls as a gift since they couldn?t afford other popular dolls.

Doll making didn?t become popular in the United States until after the civil war. In the 1950?s and 60?s, the world of doll making saw the emergence of dolls made from vinyl, rubber and even foam. With the creation of vinyl dolls, doll, makers were able to add hair to the dolls instead of using a wig or painting on hair.

Doll making is now a popular industry and has resulted in numerous doll collectors worldwide.

Dolls are varying nowdays and I've even seen vampire dolls at sites like Dracula's Brides. They are actually very detailed and remarkable. It's great to see the world of doll collecting evolving.

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