Can't identify doll

by Jenny

My family and I went to a senior center fundraiser event yesterday and my daughter found a little sleeping newborn doll for $6.

I was curious about the history of the doll but I can't find any markings, nor can I find any look alikes online (I've googled sleeping newborn cloth body doll).

Can someone help?

I don't really care if we got a good deal, I just want to know it's story! I doubt it's very old because it's in very good condition. No breaking down, practically no dirt or stains and missing no pieces and virtually no chips.

I'll try to explain characteristics that you might not be able to tell from the photo. It's hands, feet, and head seem very fragile and are not shiny (leading me to think it's bisque).

The body is made of cloth (not sure about the insides), and it has a music box inside that plays the go to sleep lullaby.

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