Can anyone help me to identify my doll?

by Jeanne
(Ft. Pierce FL)

She is circa 1950's Vinyl.

She has an Alexander stamp at the back of her head. (I have searched pages and pages of Madame Alexander dolls and could not find her.)

She is a 'drink and wet' doll.

Her original dress (night gown) is vintage pink, (almost beige now) with a lace bodice and a pink sash that ties in the front.

Her bonnet is of the same color. The pink ribbon attaching the bonnet around her neck matches the sash on the dress.

She has a pacifier in her mouth.

Her hair is reddish brown.

Her eyes open and close. Eyelashes are in tact. Eyebrows are painted on.
Her shoes are missing, she has been played with (I loved her!) but she is in prime condition.

My mom passed away recently and I found her in a trunk along with several other of my beloved toys.

I also have a Chatty Cathy with an original dress. No shoes and no pull string.

Please please please help! Thanks in advance

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