Bru doll #l

by Mary Ann Tanking
(Salina, Kansas)

She is very small with a wood jointed body covered with some white coating before the flesh colored paint.
She has brown glass eyes and the cork like pate and pierced ears

She was a gift to my grandmother before 1900 by her uncle Robert Lindblom who purchased it in Paris on a trip... (I'll have to check the date of the trip" in the family records).

Her eyebrows are the brushee ones like I see on all other Bru dolls... Her head is painted porcelain then fired so the clay on the inside of the head is white... she isn't shiny.. but a rather mat finish.

Her body isn't marked but in fine shape. The hands are delicate.. the feet are not jointed at the ankle.

I sure wish someone could tell me more.

I received her when I was 60 years old as my mother who had inherited from her mother didn't think I could have her until I reached an age where I would appreciate her.

At one time my mother had the doll appraised in Colorado Springs and the amount was $2300.

She does not have original clothes. Presently, she is as naked as a jbird. I have some antique fabric with which to create a dress for her...and some very old silk to make undies... so one of these days...

No picture at the present. but will do that in near future.

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