Bonnie Braids and Sparkle Plenty in Jersey City New Jersey

by Carol Kane
(LYNDHURST New Jersey)

Dick Tracy , Tess Truheart Bonnie Braids, B.O. Plenty,Gravel Gertie and Sparkle Plenty

Were my favorite comic strip.

I am 75 years old now and I couldn't wait for the Sunday paper to read the comics. At one time I had Sparkle Plenty and Bonnie Braids but my
Nana's house burned down in Jersey City and we lost everything.

I also had beautiful doll coach carriages to put them in. My nana loved dolls as much as I did. Living with her were the best times of my life.

Magic skin dolls were a new thing at that time. But the dolls skin bruised very easily.
I still love dolls and have quite a few. I don't think you ever outgrow your love of dolls
Or all the accessories they come with.

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