by Jill Murphy
(North Salem, New York)

My mother is 90 years old, when she was a little girl an elderly neighbor offered her the choice of two dolls that she had owned since she was a little girl.

One had blue eyes and one had brown eyes and since my mom had brown eyes she chose that one. The doll's name was "Blossom". She is a "fashion doll" as opposed to a "Baby or child" doll. I have not seen anything on any internet site that is just like her.

She is 26" long with a cloth body and leather hands and arms (probably white kid leather but darkened)

Her bisque face is absolutely lovely and she has brown eyes and a closed mouth.

Her clothes have long since disappeared as has her wig.
There are no marks anywhere on her head or shoulders or written on her body.

I have pictures that I can e-mail but I can't figure out how to upload to this site.

I would love any help any one can give me on identifying this beautiful doll. My guess is that she is either German or French and dates from the 1880's or 90's based on her shape and the age of the woman who gave her to my mother about 85 years ago.

Of course I would also love any ideas as to her value as I have no one to leave her to and she deserves a good home with someone who will love her. Jill

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