Black Baby Doll w/ Painted Blue Eyes Flange Bisque Head Frog Shape Body

by Betsy
(Adelaide, Australia)

I rescued this doll from a thrift store! She had just been put on a shelf when I spotted her and saved her from being ruined because she is in next to perfect condition.

She is approx. 11" long from top of head to bottom of her feet and her dress is 15" long. She has a porcelain/bisque painted black head that has texture to it so I don't think she is new because her little hands are also painted black porcelain/bisque, features not found on new dolls!

Her body, arms, and legs are made out of cloth covered in black fabric. Her head is flanged so it attached with glue to the body and she has some stitching around the neck. She has on a beautiful cream coloured dress decorated with little pink ribbons and lace. The fabric has a crepe-like texture but is a quality fabric.

She also has on a full petticoat which has to be put on over her arms. Her frog-shaped legs are wearing little undies and she has knit booties on her feet which are cloth.

Now, the problem is she has absolutely no marks anywhere... She was found in Adelaide, Australia but that only means she could have come from anywhere because people from Australia love to travel and bring back very interesting things when they return. I find the most unusual items at thrift stores all the time!

Back to the doll, any ideas where or when she was made and by whom? Thank you very much for reading all this. Look forward to the comments.

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