by Kris Shaw
(upstate New York)

Bavarian Composition Doll 5

Bavarian Composition Doll 5"

Okay, Here it is. I love collectibles and antiques and am in the center of an area of upstate New York where items are plentiful.

My mom and I go garage sailing and happened upon a lady that was having a sale for her best friend that had passed.

She had a large collection of dolls- I know nothing about this type of doll but felt I couldn't go wrong by picking one up for little or nothing.

Here she is ~ 5" tall and from the style of her glued on hair (check out that style!) I would guess the 40's. There is some very vague information on her back; her head slips into her body and her legs are not jointed.

She is wearing a felt Bavarian looking hat with plume, is wearing bloomers, gauze slip and taffeta full skirt. Her eyes are painted on.
She looks like a little Rita Hayworth!

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