Antique Boy Doll With Papier Mache Head

I won an auction and this doll was included. He is 13" tall with a papier mache head, cloth body and bisque hands. His hair is sort of a coarse mohair. All his features are painted on. His clothes are sewn onto him. He has a socket head that turns when you twist his left leg.

When you lift one arm the other lifts. When I took off his jacket, his bisque arms look like they have a 3/0 on them.(Not sure, hard to see) Top of arms are yellowed cloth. He seems to be filled with sawdust or straw. His hat band has the colors of the German flag, but he has a red, white and blue ribbon on his lapel.

Who is the maker of this doll? I'd like to know because I'd like to sell him.

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