An 8 pack of dolls

by Diana
(Berkeley, CA)

the doll from the basement

the doll from the basement

In the course of cleaning out our basement so we can retrofit it for earthquake protection, we found an 8-pack of dolls.

Our basement is full of things that long- or short-term housemates have left there. I think the dolls were probably picked up somewhere by a friend who has since passed on. He was a great costumer and probably intended to re-costume them.

The doll is 17" high, with a porcelain head and feet and a stuffed body, wearing a cherry red flannel outfit and bonnet trimmed with lace. Instead of hands, she has a muff, but the dress has snaps so it can be removed.

There are no numbers or labels on either the doll or the boxes. I think they were probably mass produced in Asia sometime before the sixties.

I would appreciate any help in identifying them, and advice on finding someone who has a use for them.

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