AIFXA ND FR 1963 mark on doll neck?

by Pattie Fondaw
(Paducah Ky USA)

I bought a cloth body doll with light brown hair at a yard sale this past weekend for $6.00. I just liked it and bought it.

I am not a collector but would love to know more about it. The head is possibly porcelain not real sure. The eyes are the type that open when you lift her up and close when you lay it down. It is about 11 1/2 inches long.

On the back of the neck it has a marking of what looks like AIFXA ND FR 1963 with a c in a circle. The outfit is has on looks like an antique white sleeper with 3 buttons on the front, with small ruffle trim, does have a collar with ruffle.

The back of the outfit has the opening where you would open to use the potty but is sewn shut with two buttons on it. The footing of the outfit has two boys and again trimmed with the ruffle/lace.

Back to the face it has a partially open mouth larger upper lip.

I hope someone can identify this mark and doll for me.

Thank You

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