36" antique vintage bisque head doll

by Brian

I was given a vintage doll to sell on ebay.

From what I can gather it is from the early 1900's. Doll is jointed and is 36" tall. It is a bisque headed doll that has the stamp Germany Heinrich Handwerck Simon Halbig on the back of the head. Also the number 7 1/2 at the base of the neck.

Marking near the back right hip show in red Excelsior D R P no. 70685 Germany 8.

Is this a Kestner doll body with a HH SH head? Were they mixed like that or is this a conglomeration of different dolls? Was told the dolls name is Anna?

Open mouth with 6 teeth, brown open eyes and a single dimple. Pierced ears with green earrings.

Any help would be great

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