3 dolls from grandma

by Joe Oyler
(Bakersfield Ca)

I recently received 3 dolls from my dad that belonged to my grandmother. My grandmother was born in the late 1800's.

The first two dolls are kind of a hard plastic with a painted face. It is a young girl and boy they stand 5 inches tall. The girl is wearing a red dress with a black apron and red bonnet. the boy has black overalls with a red shirt. The arms rotate up & down but the legs do not move.

The clothes are sewn on and I do not think I can remove them without damaging the dolls or the clothes.

The third doll is not a complete doll. What I mean is that she is on a metal stand with a platform, she has a torso, arms and head, but instead of legs there is a long metal pole that attaches to a stand so that the doll stands upright.

She is wearing a gorgeous wedding gown with a bouquet of flowers. She is blond with a pearl necklace, the arms do not move. She is made of a hard plastic material too.

Of course I'm curious of value but truly as these are the only things I have of my grandmother I am mostly interested in what they are and enough info to research them a bit. They are going to my daughter.

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Aug 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

Pictures??? I'd love to see them!

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