1st Nations souvenir doll.

by Leigha
(Vancouver, Canada)

no markings, clothing seems glued onto body

no markings, clothing seems glued onto body

Purchased this doll at the local flea market, and having trouble identifying where she came from.

Fairly certain she is not a Skookum doll, as her shoes are suede, along with her dress. Clothing is fixed to her body, seems like epoxied on, a yellow tinge to the glue, and I don't want to pull anything off her to get a better look, as the fur is fragile as well as the delicate embroidery detail, I had a small chunk come off already.

The dress is fantastic, fur could be anything, rabbit, cat, sable, no idea. She is heavy, maybe clay or paper mache or even composite, not sure. Arms and legs are fixed, and of the same material as the face.

Hair is made of cotton strings, she has these little red marks in the far corners of her eyes, if you can see in the picture. She stands about nine inches tall.

Any information would be appreciated!

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