1970's white flowy hair brown leather looking western outfit

by tami
(Novato, CA,USA)

I had many dolls growing up in the 1970's, not much of a doll gal, but one spoke to me.

My mother had destroyed all of my dolls which was the least of what I cared about back then.

There was this one doll, however, who I wanted to grow up and be like her. She was about a foot tall, she had brown open/close eyes with long eyelashes, her outfit was of this brown leather looking material with a "western" fringe on her snap up coat.

That's all I remember of how she looked, I had named her Louisiana and she evoked a sense of strength and independence for girls, that called out to me.

Even though mine is gone, I would like to find out who she was and if I could find one of her "sisters" as a remembrance of strength found through childhood.

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